Saturday, 7 July 2012

Michael Slater's statement

Michael Slater has said: 'I've heard about some gossip about the club, but for the last year and a half we have consistently said that we will operate the club on sound commercial principles, and I believe last season's success vindicates our approach.'

'Last summer Chris signed players to create a team that we believed would be able to compete in the Championship, so although he is looking to bring in a few new players, there is nothing like the urgency of last summer and we will not be rushed into decisions.'

'We are not inactive in the transfer market, but the fact is that in League One we were a big fish in a small pond whereas in the Championship there are plenty of other big clubs vying for the players we are trying to sign'.

All this seems very sensible to me, but the usual pessimists have come out to say that if we do not splash the cash soon will be relegated. We have been beaten to some targets, but we don't want to pay over the odds.

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  1. Wynn
    I think I'm probably in the 'doom mongerer' category , but my suspicion would be that the plan is to get Lawrie Wilson in to be able to sell Chris Solly and free up the cash for 2 or 3 more signings .
    Thats pretty much what happened last year with the sale of Jenkinson paying for the prinipal signings