Saturday 23 July 2016

Russell Slade's despair

Russell Slade sounds like an angry and frustrated man with the Charlton squad 'miles away' from where it needs to be and over reliant on young and inexperienced players: Fed up

All this contrasts with the optimistic tone of the letter sent by Slade to fans renewing their season tickets. No doubt it was written for him, but would benefit from some decoding.

After emphasising the need to get as many people (a more neutral term than 'customers' or 'fans') back at The Valley, Slade says 'I can already see what huge potential there is here.' Translation: 'This club couldn't sink any further and must eventually bounce off the bottom.'

'Steve Avory and I are already in regular discussion about our youth players.' Translation: 'The squad is so thin, some of them will be on the pitch.'

'The ultimate goal for the coming season is to get the club back into the Championship.' Translation: 'Getting back to the Championship is a dream, avoiding relegation is the real goal.'

'I have always seen Charlton as a strong community club with great tradition and I can't wait for my first experience in front of the Valley crowd.' Translation: 'I didn't wreck the club, so don't direct your protests at me.'

'2016/17 is shaping up to be a great one here and I'm looking forward to getting started and welcoming you all back to The Valley in August.' Translation: 'I haven't been able to get started yet, and it looks as if I won't be staying beyond September.'

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