Thursday 15 June 2017

Players not up for it need to go

Simon Clark has revealed why he left his coaching post at The Valley: Coach speaks out

He also thinks that Charlton needs a clear out of players. There are too many who are not committed to the cause. A different approach to playing games is also needed.

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  1. Agree with Clark 100 per cent I have been saying this since last season several first teamers are not up for the job, solly needs offloading his knee is the problem he seems to back out of tackles and deffo not the same player as for page who the feck spotted this player he so injury prone he makes gibbs look half decent! Tex is on around 12 k a week if not higher also needs to go along with Bauer whos not league one class and is capable of making the odd mistake.The midfield is stale and has no get up and go in it as for the strikers couldn't hit a barn door I'm talking ventokele and watt and novak to that .What we need are players who want work 150 per cent for the badge and put effort in and not showboat around like watt does when he plays!i say lets get the best from league one and league 2 or even step into non league we need players with hunger pace and passion-god I should be scout lol