Tuesday 18 July 2017

Farewell, then, Cristian Ceballos?

It looks as if Cristian Ceballos is going to be beamed back up to the mother ship this week: Ticket on Eurostar

Richard Cawley tweeted on Thursday morning that Ceballos will make a permanent return to Sint Truiden.

Some fans think he has looked up for it since his return, but I doubt whether he has that much to offer.

However, one fan pointed out: 'I watched all 3 of our knackered games in a row from Ireland, but thought that Cebalos did well, and he was also impressive on Saturday by all accounts. While there initially appeared to be good progress in building our squad, I am tentative that a Cebalos departure would suddenly see us 3 bodies down after Tex & Ajose, and all 3 offer some quality at League One level.'

The person we really need to see go is Naby Sarr who is expensive and offers nothing at this level. We also have to remember that Lookman gave the team something special last year and he has not been replaced.

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