Friday 7 July 2017

How much does Katrien get paid?

There is no disclosure of how much Katrien Meire gets paid as chief executive and the CAS Trust has been pursuing the matter. Leaving aside the desirability of transparency, it is not clear whether the club's practices are compliant with UK law, although they may have found a loophole: Salary


  1. How very sad that the Trust has got nothing better do than engage in a petty spat about disclosure of salary - presumably because they wish to dish out more incredulity about Katriina Meire. What the owner pays her is his prerogative. Perhaps the trust could more usefully engage itself in encouraging fans to get back behind the team and a push for promotion. Because Roland ain't selling tillhegetsadecent price and that won't be forthcoming with another season of miserable protests and negativity. Act smart not dumb.

  2. Act smart not dumb... incredible statement. You fucking joker. #rolandout