Saturday 17 March 2018

Deal or no deal?

The postman rang the doorbell this morning. He nervously handed over a package: 'I think this is for you.' The only identifying mark was that it had come from the Medway sorting centre. It could have been a fanzine for Gillingham or Maidstone United. But it was, of course, Voice of the Valley posted the day before from Ramsgate.

'Deal or no deal'? is the headline. As it is two hours before the fanzine will go on sale around the ground, I do not want to publish too many spoilers. However, there is an excellent editorial by Rick Everitt which makes the point that, while there are many reasons why we go to The Valley, there has to be a level of focus on football success and this has been missing for some time.

On the takeover, the Rickster confirms that there is substantive interest in buying the club, but it all comes down to Roland's financial ambitions. At least five groups have been interested. The Scots headed back across the border before I had time to identify my Scottish forbears. In addition to the Australians and a British consortium, Rick Everitt refers to Arabs and one fronted by Dutch speakers, based in Belgium or Holland or both.

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