Saturday 31 March 2018

Statue row holds up takeover

The takeover of Charlton has been held up by a dispute about how Roland’s contribution to the development of the club can best be commemorated. The Belgian had commissioned a design for a statue to be placed alongside the Bartram statute outside the West Stand.

It would be based on the famous Manneken Pis statute in Brussels, but the flow of liquid would be vinegar. Katrien Meire would be recumbent on a replica of the fan sofa and Thomas Dreisen would be in the background with his laptop alongside a discarded pizza box.

The Australians were prepared to accept the statue if they could have an animated one of new mascot Skippy the Kangaroo alongside. I saw one of these animated characters in Perth WA one Christmas – there was a Father Christmas in the hotel lobby who would say ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’ when approached and then launch into a seasonal medley. Skippy would say ‘Good Day!’ and then sing ‘Waltzing Matilda’.

Our informant on the Isle of Sheppey says that the arrival of a consignment of toy quokkas and kangaroos at the club shop will be a sign that the takeover is going ahead.


  1. Very good Wyn. Love the vinegar pissing Manneken Pis.

  2. Yes The Rat definately something up his sleeve and done his best to let CAFC die and dtermined to do so still. Greedy and evil person indeed.