Wednesday 21 November 2018

Brits put money on the table

Things have speeded up over the last week on the takeover front according to Roland's representative on earth, Lieven De Turck, at a fans' forum held last night: Takeover update

De Turck said of the British group that in the last week he felt they had taken a big step. LDT expected things will be sped up now. He explained that in the past they had shown they had proof of funds but with proof of funds alone they cannot purchase the club. Now they appear close to putting the money on the table.

My concern about this group has always been how much money they have beyond the purchase price to rebuild the club.

Dwe Turck said that the problem with the Australian based consortium was their complexity which was still very high, although there had been some reduction. He said he felt the upcoming transfer window and being sixth in the league helps with the sale of the club which is why he feels there has been movement recently. He still thought the Australians were the most likely bidders which should qualify them for a record as holding the longest negotiation to buy a football club.

Other potential purchasers were mentioned, but they don't look very serious or credible.

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