Monday 26 November 2018

Meire: fans threatened to throw me under train

A new Katrien Meire interview has been uncovered, although unfortunately it is in Flemish: Katrien Meire

It appears that she has negotiated after hours access to the grounds of Chatsworth House and is seen enjoying a picnic with sheep grazing in the distance.

Meire claims, 'At Charlton the fans knew I was taking the train in London Bridge, and they had threatened to throw me under a train.' If this incident happened, it should have been reported to the police.

She also complains about being misinterpreted in an interview where she said we should look to the future which did not mean we should throw the traditions and history of the club in the trash.

Meire also that although the Premier League has embraced internationalism it is not normal in the lower divisions so people are not so used to foreigners.

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