Tuesday 27 July 2021

Vieira's new tactical plan

Charlton play Crystal Palace at Selhurst tonight, but unfortunately only Nigel Pooter and his fellow ultras will be allowed in.

Four Four Two magazine forecast that the Glaziers will finish bottom of the Premier League, noting that 'A summer's upheaval may have the Eagles wishing for Hodgson's rhapsody in beige.'

At least Patrick Vieira  has some new tactical ideas.  Commenting at half time at the France v. Germany Euro 2020 game he insisted, 'Germany must expose themselves.'   Four Four Two commented that 'it was a bold plan.  We wait to see whether Crystal Palace utilise it in the Premier League.'

Unconfirmed reports state that we have two medicals booked for tomorrow, one for a loan and one for a signing.

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