Tuesday 24 May 2022

Pope sell on boost for Charlton

As they face a financial crisis, relegated Burnley are having to contemplate a fire sale of players: https://footballeconomyv2.blogspot.com/2022/05/big-challenges-for-burnley.html  

Former Charlton keeper Nick Pope is of interest to Premier League clubs and the Clarets value him at around £40m.  Charlton have a 'significant' sell on clause (10 per cent?): https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/charlton-athletic-set-for-significant-sum-if-burnley-sell-40m-rated-keeper-nick-pope/

Charlton also stand to benefit if Brendan Wiredu joins the Massives from Colchester.

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  1. a lot of people getting way over excited about a purely speculative transfer and a sell-on fee agreed by Duchatelet potentially payable by a club on the brink financially - nothing to see here - need a manager first