Saturday 4 June 2022

It's a done deal

Richard Cawley reports that Ben Garner has agreed a two year contract to be the next Charlton manager:

Judging from our poll, of which more tomorrow, Charlton fans are not too enthusiastic about the outcome, but one has to be realistic about who a club that finished in the bottom half of League One can attract.

Some confusion has been caused by an apparent tweet from the owner's wife suggesting that the Cawley story is wrong, although in what respect is not clear.   It would have been better if she had told Richard Cawley privately and directly.

Swindon sources seem to think the deal is going ahead, with their owner keen to get everything sorted before he returns to Australia:    The Athletic is also running the story.


  1. or perhaps it isn't Cawley's hitherto unimpeachable source(s) have jumped the gun here Always best to await the club website and the obligatory scarf photo

  2. I've given up trying to work out what is going on, although the club website is the last place you hear anything.