Sunday 25 September 2022

The blame game

In his interview with Charlton TV on Saturday Scott Fraser said that most games are decided in both boxes.  In a sense this is a statement of the obvious, but it was certainly proved against Barnsley: woeful defending and a failure to take chances.   Hence, once again dominance in spells of the game was not turned into a result.   Similar points are made by Louis Mendez:

For me this is down to the players at least as much as the manager or the owner.  The squad is not good enough to secure promotion, but the players are capable of delivering more individually and collectively.

Ben Garner thinks there is enough quality in the squad, but it was only shown on Saturday between the two boxes - which matters but is not what really counts.  I once saw a non-league team which seemed to consist entirely of midfield players with an inevitable result.   It's an old Charlton story - excellent in training, poor on the day:

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