Tuesday 21 March 2023

Spiegel keen to 'move things forward'

CAS Trust have reported on their online meeting with chief executive Peter Storrie: https://www.castrust.org/2023/03/cast-meeting-with-peter-storrie/

He is in daily contact with Marc Spiegel, who is very enthusiastic and keen to move things forward. Peter admitted that the club was losing significant money and that this would likely continue next season. The squad needs further rebuilding over the summer. 

He stated that he was not aware of the detail regarding future source of funding, whether Spiegel was acting with other investors and whether or not Sandgaard will retain any form of stake. 

CAST welcomed the openness of the meeting with Peter Storrie in his role as acting CEO. We found him to be much more realistic about the challenges of running a League 1 football club than Thomas Sandgaard, who of course thinks it's easy. We hope that Peter's knowledge will bring a bit of calmness and stability to the day to day operations.

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