Sunday 27 August 2023

That didn't last long

I said that I wouldn't post again unless there was a major development at the club and I wake up to find that Dean Holden has been sacked with Jason Pearce in interim charge:

Our greatest success as a club has been achieved with long serving managers: Jimmy Seed, Lenny Lawrence, Curbs.  Having said that, it is no good keeping a manager who isn't up to the task otherwise we would still have Karel Fraeye (currently at Lokeren-Terrisse).

Rick Everitt thinks that Dean Holden was out of his depth.  He was a decent man who had a bond with the fans.

The real problem in my view is that there has been insufficient investment in the squad and it will now be difficult to make decisions in the absence of a manager.

I don't think we need retreads like Bowyer or even Curbs, although he could be given an advisory role.  I would like Darren Moore, but doubt whether he would come.

We lurch from crisis to crisis.

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