Tuesday 15 August 2023

That went well

Offers of a copy of my Political Football book in a simple competition attracted no entries, so I gave the copy after my Sky Blues supporting neighbour cut my lawn for me.   I didn't give him two copies, but two bottles of wine instead.

The reason my father took me to a reserve match against Aldershot in September 1953 was to give me a dry run of going to The Valley at six years old.

We didn't make the 8-1 win over Middlesbrough (I remember expressing my disappointment to a friend at school) and the home game against Preston was on a Thursday (early closing day).  So my first home match was the 6-0 win over Liverpool.

Managed by Don Welsh, this was their biggest defeat since 1934.   I remember seeing a Charlton player running along the East Terrace wing skinning the opposition.

When I got to seven the following January, I could no longer go through the turnstiles with my father which I initially found scary.