Sunday 5 November 2023

The FA Cup dilemma

A club like Charlton faces a dilemma when playing a FA Cup match against a team like Cray Valley Paper Mills.  We aren't going to win the FA Cup and we wouldn't even progress far enough to make much money out of it.   The league is more important and we have an cricial match against Portsmouth coming up.  We can't afford injuries to key players.

So we can't really blame Michael Appleton for putting out a 2nd XI, although perhaps eleven changes was a step too far.  One could have front loaded the team with Leaburn and May and then withdrawn them when a lead was established.

However, the 2nd XI should have been good enough to win.   Instead we saw just how bad Charlie Kirk is, and at one time he was seen as a player with great potential.   Walker in goal was not impressive, fumbling the ball more than once.   Their goalkeeper did well.

Now we have to deal with a replay with the prize of a trip to Gillingham.  I would probably put the same side out, but tweak it a bit, dropping Kirk and Walker.

Appleton says that he takes full responsibility for the team selection:


  1. I would put out virtually a first team to win the game to prevent further embarrassment. Appleton needs to redeem himself and remember how quickly our managers get replaced.

  2. Apples absolutely has to play a much stronger side for the replay The next meaningful match won't be for 9 days away at Carlisle. Hector and Jones need the practice at the back. Dobbo, Leaburn, May and CBT can be protected on the bench as we are relatively well off in those areas and don't need bookings
    Obviously Kirk should never play again
    Anything less than 100% commitment from all others will be tantamount to their own resignation
    Victory would be insufficient. The 117 places gap between the sides has to be reflected in the score.