Sunday 11 September 2011

A good sporting weekend

It's actually been a good sporting weekend for me.   The ice hockey started again yesterday.  It was bit odd driving into Coventry on a warm late summer afternoon kitted up for the rink.   But Blaze demolished Fife Flyers (from Kirkcaldy) 9-0.   Admittedly they are the rookie team in the league, Newcastle Vipers having finally lost their sting, but they are also the oldest team in British hockey, having been founded in 1938.   They won't be dancing in the streets of Raith tonight and Adam Smith must be spinning in his grave.   I did feel sorry for the small knot of away supporters, though.

Leamington managed to beat Hitchin 1-0, the goal being scored by a new signing.

And then there was Charlton.   The consensus of the blogging community, which no doubt reflects that of the majority of fans, is one of some flatness despite another three points.   The expectation level is very high, but I do not think that we are going to flatten teams like Exeter, even with 10 men.   If we get a really big win, it will be away from The Valley.

One area that does need more work is corners.   None of our corners was productive on Saturday.  They fell into three categories:

1. Taken short.   This never seems to work and I don't know why we persist with them.  Indeed, one on Saturday, evidently a training ground routine, was a complete disaster.
2. Caught by the keeper.
3. Overhit.

Given the negativity about our win on Saturday, it looks as if the roof will fall in when we eventually lose a game, as we inevitably will.

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