Thursday 8 September 2011

Grecians hope for morale boost from Valley win

After a poor start to the season and with morale in the camp low, Exeter City are 'reading off' from last year's 3-1 victory and hoping to take all three points at The Valley on Saturday:

The Grecians have some injury worries and I think that the key to the game is to score an early goal and then follow up with a second which we failed to do on Monday night.

There has been some criticism of the use of the long ball on Monday, but the long ball is fine as long as it is intelligently.   There was some excellent diagonal balls against Wednesday.   However, the success rate with such balls is lower than playing through the middle and some of them were overhit while others recalled the old hoofing days of last season.   On balance we should try and keep the ball on the deck but then occasional long ball can make a contribution and vary the play.

Incidentally, I hear that Simon Jordan is writing his autobiography (with the aid of a ghost writer in classic 'as told to' fashion).   Apparently it is going to be 'explosive' and may trouble the lawyers.   I wonder what, if anything, he will say about being 'dissed' by Richard Murray?

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  1. I would quite like to read Jordans book, just to see what he says about Charlton and Richard Murray in particular, but there is no way I will be buying it to line his pockets! I'm sure there will be plenty of copies in the Charity shops a week or so after its released!