Thursday 29 September 2011

Pritchard has op

Bradley Pritchard has had his operation on his foot and it has been a success.  Chris Powell hopes to have him back in four weeks.

Rory Weal, the 16 year old darling of the current Labour conference, was interviewed by The Times and he had a Charlton season ticket in his hand, great product placement.   This was something the political shows missed as they had been focusing on the fact that he went to a private school before his father's business went bust.

Rather confusingly, a report in The Times says that he had to give up his season ticket when the family moved from Bromley to Maidstone after their financial meltdown.    However, junior season tickets don't cost that much and he could use the Rickshaw.

In any event he came in the top ten in the Charlton section of a fantasy football competition.

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