Wednesday 30 November 2016

Break in service

I have to go into hospital for knee replacement surgery tomorrow, so I won't be posting for a while. It will probably be at least six weeks before I can make the journey to The Valley.

At one time that would have been a big wrench, but not these days. My identification with the club has been eroded.

I suppose there are now three groups of Charlton supporters. First, those who don't come any more and probably won't come back even under a new regime. Second, those whose primary purpose is to come to protest. Third, those who come and do not support the protests, an apparently growing number of whom oppose continuing protests to judge from the boards. Disagreement between this group and the protesters can make for a divisive, even toxic atmosphere.

The Bloke Beside Me met someone from Belgium the other week who knew about Roland. He said that he seems himself as a rebel, and the more criticism he gets, the more he likes it as he thinks he is stirring things up and challenging the conventional wisdom.

For all the sophistication, verve and energy of the CARD campaign, I don't see Roland going any time soon. Even if he was disposed to sell the club, I think that his price would be unrealistic.

I have to have a second operation in the summer, so I will have to consider then whether I get value from my season ticket. The bonds are loosening.


  1. Good luck with the op Wyn. I fall into a different category of fan and I think there are many like me. I go along most weeks but do not support the regime (no season ticket after 40 years of having one, plus no programme, merchandise or catering purchases). My primary purpose is to support the team, not to protest (although I do join in). Sadly, many of us in this category are falling into the first category the longer Roland and his puppet Nightmeire remain. We want our Charlton back! Pedro45

  2. Good luck Wyn and keep the faith, in our club and its supporters. Perhaps basic business common sense will triumph over self-delusion sooner rather than later and (pleasantly) surprise us all.

  3. Firstly Wyn, a BIG THANK YOU for all you efforts to bring us non-bloggers up to date with all things Charlton. I have always appreciated your even handed thoughts and reasoned approach. I certainly miss the reporting from your canine correspondents on match days and wonder if the fact the Mr Duchatelet has not been seen at the Valley for sometime is that Juneau the cat has threatened to scratch his eyes out, never mind hiss at him!!
    Secondly, hope the operation you are having will be successful and wish you a speedy recovery.
    I too fall in the category that Pedro45 described in hic comment i.e. I have not renewed my season ticket, go to a number of matches to support the team (never boo even when we have played badly), don't buy merchandise or programmes.
    Behind Enemy Lines

  4. Good luck with your operation Wyn.

  5. Perhaps there is a 5th category. After supporting for 60 years, 40 as a season ticket holder, I now don't go, but support the team, support card and will be back like a shot when Duchatelet goes.
    Good luck with the op.

  6. Hope you are making a good recovery Wyn.