Thursday 24 November 2016

The match that matters

The match that matters is that between new Charlton manager Karl Robinson and eccentric owner Roland Duchatelet asserts VOTV editor Rick Everitt in a new blog post: Robinson v Duchatelet

The Ramsgate-based fan argues that in different circumstances the appointment of Robinson might have been welcomed by the Addickted. He is a young manager who has got a team promoted out of League One, but he is used to a very different type of owner. He has no experience of dealing with a Thomas Driesen figure offering his insights hunched over his computer in his shorts in a back bedroom in Belgium.

One has to feel a little sympathy for manager number eight under the regime as he settles into his office, takes a sip from the poisoned chalice and nervously eyes the ejector seat in the corner.

The generally shared view is that he will be out by the end of the season. Although the squad is depleted, I am not quite so pessimistic. In my view it's the best appointment Duchatelet has made. But then it could be argued that the regime and its incompetent chief executive will overshadow any skill set that Robinson may bring and doom his best efforts to failure.

Unlike Russell Slade, CARD will offer him no moratorium in protests with action promised for Saturday's match against the Blades.

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