Sunday 20 November 2016

Top Millwall fan criticises regime

In his weekly column in today's Sunday Times Millwall fan Rod Liddle criticises the rule of Roland at Charlton. He says, 'The madness continues at Charlton Athletic.'

He continues, 'the club show every sign of being administered by the inmates of a mental institution ... [Slade] didn't fit in with Roland Duchatelet's infamous network of "appointees", who are generally characterised by their complete and utter lack of knowledge of football.'

'The fans, while not terribly dispirited at seeing the back of Slade, who is not known for the flamboyance of his football, are in open revolt.' Chris O'Loughlin is described as 'part of Duchatelet's inept and hilarious network ... Katrien Meire, the club's loathed chief executive, has had to deny demanding that TalkSport block calls from fans who are antithetical to the way the club is being run - which, to my reckoning, is pretty much all of them.'

'The Charlton supporters deserve a medal for their continued objection to the destruction, through ineptitude, of one of the country's most likeable clubs.'

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