Monday 19 December 2016

Another PR disaster

So much for hiring expensive consultants, Roland's latest outburst has made the Currant Bun: Dumb fans

I watched the video of his interview, shame it was in Flemish rather than French. If this programme passes for entertainment in Belgium, Sundays there must be boring.

What was clear was that at some points the young interviewer was making Roland squirm as he was obliged to say 'No! No!' more than once. I also liked the way they used footage of the protests which made it clear they were well supported and a still of the taxi.

The studio audience looked bored and bemused, but I suppose if you are a middle-aged lady from Ghent it wouldn't mean a lot to you.

May I suggest that the Belgian ambassador in London tells King Philippe of the Belgians that this isn't doing his country's image any good at all. Usually people associate chocolates and beer with Belgium, and the First World War. Now they see a prize chump displayed before them.

Philippe (left), have a quiet word with you errant subject.

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