Thursday 22 December 2016

Robinson gives it large

The following report has appeared in the Evening Standard

CHARLTON manager Karl Robinson was today holding one-to-one meetings with his players after slamming their display at The Den. Charlton are now without a win in five games since Robinson took over and he delivered a brutally honest assessment of the problems at The Valley.

The club are languishing in the bottom half of League One and their fans have staged a number of protests in recent months in a bid to get owner Roland Duchatelet to sell up. "Right now not many people will be proud of what they are seeing," said Robinson, who took over at the end of last month. "It is not good enough and there are certain aspects of the club I am not happy with.

"For too long there have been too many fingers pointed in different directions. We need to stand up and take responsibility on the pitch and in the dugout [which is rather crowded]."We talk about the owner and everything else but that was about us and that was not good enough. If we had won, it would be masking an awful lot of problems.

"If the players cannot take this, this is what it takes to play for a big club like Charlton Athletic. I think sometimes people do not realise how lucky they are."

Asked what he would discuss in the meetings, Robinson said: "The truth. What I think. I am going to be honest they think of their performances over the last two games. We cannot keep going the way we are. People need to understand what it takes to play for this club. We have to be better. If people cannot accept that, then I am not the man for them to play for.

"It might be a bit of positivity towards them as well. To build them back up. Do not see it as a negative. I want to build them back up.I am straight and hopefully my players appreciate that they get told the truth."

Charlton have serious injury problems but they are in danger of falling out of play-off contention if their poor form continues.The Addicks are seven points off the top six and the January transfer window cannot come quickly enough for Robinson. "We need to bring in players," he said. [Let's hope Roland uses some of the Lookman money to fund them].


  1. What have the Romans ever done for us Monty Python asked in Life of Brian only to be pointed to irrigation, straight roads, health care etc. I am no fan of Roland D but he has given us a new pitch and improved facilities. Following fan criticism he has employed two English managers with relevant experience, stopped fobbing us off with the dregs of Europe on the pitch and has kept Katrien reasonably quiet.
    We cannot undo the mistakes of the past but surely we can unite with a positive approach to everything. I live in Belfast and follow Forever Charlton every day but am frustrated with all the negative comments. Most football fans are sympathetic for what we has gone on at the Valley. They have moved on to other issues of the day. So should we instead of wallowing in our misery.
    I envy those who can travel to the Valley when they want and cannot understand all this negativety . We did not return to the ground on the back of feeling sorry for ourselves so we should stop doing it now.y
    One plus factor is that a fellow Ulsterman is on the time, if we could add the boy Kennedy the only way is up. Think positive!!
    Sorry for the rant and have a good Christmas every one. Santa most be an Addick as he wears the right colours. Believe.

  2. In response to the first comment, have you listened to the podcasts that have been produced? I am not sure that all earlier mistakes have been rectified as the unqualified and inexperienced Thomas Driesen still seems to be exerting an influence. A key problem, who ever the manager is, is that the squad is not strong enough. What we particularly lack are central midfielders who can keep possession, can advance towards the box and generally be creative. Meanwhile, Roland insults Charlton fans by calling them 'dumb' or 'stupid'. Katrien Meire is clearly out of her depth as chief executive. It's very difficult against this background to be positive and there is no doubt that the atmosphere is toxic. If there is no change by the summer, I will think long and hard about whether to renew.

    1. Hi Wyn. As an overseas/distant supporter I've been watching the interviews with Robinson over the last couple of weeks with a sense of trepidation, as I can't get away from the thought that he sounds like just another Scouse bullshitter!

      I see he's claiming injury problems have decimated his team, but I remember watching the couple of games that Kevin Nugent managed and thought they were playing very nicely.

      Please tell me I'm wrong!!!

      Dave Stephens

  3. Desire for change I guess always comes across as negative as it reflects dissatisfaction with the status quo. But in my eyes the protests are positive, nothing to do with feeling sorry for ourselves and all to do with encouraging a change that, on the basis of the evidence to date (notwithstanding a nice new pitch, which was somewhat unavoidable), will be positive for our club.

  4. Hi guys. I realise that my earlier comments were a bit one sided but there is nothing wrong with encouraging a debate. Those who blog and attend are the true supporters who suffer to varying degrees. But being positive who do we fancy for those dynamic middle field spots and will they come.

    Answers on a season ticket