Thursday 22 December 2016

Palace sack Pardoo

It's inevitably taken a long time for the truth to sink in, but Crystal Palace have sacked Alan Pardew, their chairman saying that the Glaziers could not afford to be relegated: Pardew

It's not so long ago that he was tipped as the next England manager, but recently he has had to dig deep into his Great Big Book of Excuses. Accounts of his illustrious career usually fail to mention the damage he inflicted on Charlton.

Sam Allardyce is tipped to take over, but no doubt Alan Curbishley will be mentioned by lazy journalists.

I had to laugh when listening to the commentary on the recent Palace v. Chelsea match which came from what Rick Everitt has called 'the contraption that passes for a main stand' at Sellout. Not only was the commentators' vision restricted, but as they craned their necks towards the Sainsbury's End, they complained that it smelt dank. 'Yes, it even smells dank in August,' remarked one of them.

Of course, the downside of this development is that while Pardew might have taken the Nigels down to a more appropriate level, a new manager might well keep them up, so Christmas has come early for them. An Allardyce side might be less pretty to watch, but he would grind out the points.

Twitter reports are claiming that Pardew will get a pay off of £5m, so he can cry all the way to the bank.

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