Wednesday 1 February 2017

How was the transfer window for Charlton?

Not surprisingly, VOTV editor Rick Everitt takes a somewhat critical view of the outcome and of the video statement by Karl Robinson: Flickers of light

The Rickster's line is: 'Whether the squad is sufficiently equipped to mount a successful late promotion challenge is another question altogether. It seems unlikely, if only because of the size of the challenge. The recent average points tally of a team finishing in sixth place is 74 and only twice in the last ten seasons has it fallen lower. A realistic requirement is probably 76. Charlton, in 11th, have 39 points, with 19 matches remaining. Having won a third of their matches to date, they now require not just play-off standard performances but title form to make the top six in three months' time. And that's just to reach the knock-out phase.'

My view from the start of the season was that this was a solid mid-table squad (I never believed those who said we were going to get relegated) with an outside chance of sneaking into the play offs. That remains my view after the personnel changes.

The Haddock v. Cod clash on Saturday should give us an idea of where we stand. To those who say we should be rolling over clubs like Fleetwood, I would remind readers that they are backed by a wealthy and generous owner (decision-making also appears to have been good).

I have seen commentary on the boards praising the passion in Robinson's statement, and saying that it is irrelevant whether he made a similar statement when he was in charge at MK Dons.

I do think the January transfer window is quite a tricky one in which to operate effectively and I think that, given those constraints (and Roland's control of the purse strings), Robinson has done a decent job.

It is a shame that Roger Johnson did not have a chance to re-boot his career at Gillingham where he would probably have been a good fit. Allegations that he failed the medical have no evidence base and I can advise one fan that there is no such illness as 'fowl mouth'.


  1. Judging from the comments in paragraph three, I am struggling to ascertain why you predicted only 40 points would be earned by Charlton Athletic this season on CAFC Picks.

  2. I found it very difficult to find matches I thought we could win.

  3. So it would seem. Not to beat a dead horse here, but from the standpoint of clarification, does it not follow that by predicting a points accumulation of a mere 40 points, that despite protestations to the contrary in your wording above, you were indeed very much part of those suggesting possible relegation,rather than finishing mid-table or "an outside chance of sneaking into the playoffs?" #contradictory

  4. I did the CAFC Picks predictions very quickly and didn't give them a lot pf thought.