Tuesday 28 February 2017

Robinson blames the players

Karl Robinson has turned to Volume 2 of his Big Book of Excuses and blamed the players (the subtitle of the chapter is 'How to Lose the Dressing Room'). Some of them are insufficiently brave, lack bottle and don't deserve to wear the shirt: Players lack bottle

Robinson said that he wished he could say how deep problems Charlton were. We can all agree with that and 200 disgruntled ex-employees will be making the point in Belgium at the weekend.

According to a tweet from Richard Cawley of the SLP, Johnnie Jackson has said that some players are 'not giving their all.'

Stephy Mavididi is out for the rest of the season, a great shame as he looked useful: Mavididi


  1. Last throw of the dice for Robinson. I suspect this stinging criticism will have the reverse affect on most of players however. With the end of season 'churn' approaching, most are already eyeing their exit from SE7 and new surroundings for next season.

  2. I nearly booked a weekend up in shrewsbury to see this but cancelled it when the train companies where charging well over the odds to travel here .I was listning to the commentary on radio London and was appaled with the players performances I put the blame on tony watt coming back into the club since hes been back the players attitude stinks! kr is right to have a pop time to be not holding back I'm gunning for rudd who at the moment couldn't catch a cold! taxiera who all over the shot and bauer what has happened to this player? Jackson legs have gone our defence is apaling we have no born leader to many players are not taking responsibility,crofts legs have gone as well the northern Ireland international big josh he clearly wants out u can tell in his body language.Something needs to change and change quickly otherwise we are going down even the shrewsbury fans were chanting at us are you blackpool in disguise?heads must start rolling start by fining the players a months salary for starters and then get them on an sas training camp where the soldiers will get them all fired up and hunger again this needs to be put in place starting from now and every single week training sessions get the lazy cxxts running.