Wednesday 13 December 2017

Defending Josh Magennis

Josh Magennis has had a poor run of form recently, but the defence mounted of him here argues that he hasn't had good service: He'll score the goals for promotion

I have noticed a few misses when good chances presented themselves, but no striker is perfect, particularly at this level. The real problem has been the absence of a quality strike partner.


  1. 3 games he gets a 2 out of10 sorry that is not acceptable from any player and he should be dropped and make way for hacket Fairchild and grant up front till jan big josh needs stop sulking over his country world cup failure and consontrate getting back to his best not by wondering around the pitch offering fuck all up front something has got be done with him and quickly if werely on big josh as loan striker kiss good by topromoation I being totally honest here big josh is not good enough for this league that's the truth

  2. Josh is playing a soul destroying in a souls destroying position.No matter how many flick ons he makes,there is never anyone to pick them up.I have seen him have to chase his own headers.Either get him a strike partner or change the system.