Tuesday 26 December 2017

Robinson hauls in players for 7 am

After what he viewed as an 'atrocious' performance at Southend, Karl Robinson brought in his players at 7 a.m. today. They will have to sit down and watch yesterday's match: Early start

However, the shell-shocked supremo is still confident that he 'has what it takes' to secure a top six finish. Charlton do expect most of the injured players to recover within a fortnight: Injury update

Yesterday I went to watch my non-league team, Leamington. They faced superior opponents in Brackley Town. But they never gave up and battled away, securing an injury time equaliser. Is there the same spirit at Charlton?


  1. No spirit of the right type at Charlton only the booze

  2. he be gone by the new year i reckon so do a lot on fb that riga is waiting in the wings me i would like see ainsworth at wycombe as jones left the club under a cloud so reports on another forumainsworth is doing wonders with another 2-0 win akinfenwa notching his 12th of the season late on a player we should sign in jan

  3. the players should donate their salary to the homeless should not be paid for 2 dismal performances big josh in particular!