Monday 18 December 2017

Getting back to basics

Ben Reeves feels confident after Charlton's performance against Blackburn on Saturday. The Valley is a tough place to come to and it's just a question of getting back to basics: We can finish higher than Blackburn.

In an extended interview with Louis Mendez Reeves says that he is getting fitter every week and hopes to be spending more time on the pitch than the treatment table: Hopefully my Charlton career can kick on now.

Of course, what all this is emphasises is the thinness of a squad that is vulnerable to the inevitable injuries. Indeed, as one fan has commented, what was really surprising was how long it took this squad thinness to cost us.

I was interested to read that Alan Pardew thinks that he picked the wrong team against Manchester United. Sounds familiar somehow.

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  1. please drop big josh and play hacket fairchild reminds me of rashford he needs to start now drop big josh to the u21s