Tuesday 5 March 2019

Duchatelet 'deluded'

The media onslaught on Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet with Henry Winter. the chief football writer of The Times adding his thoughts this morning. The article looks at a number of clubs, including the latest to run into owner trouble, Port Vale.

On Charlton he says 'it is a once model club turned into a soap opera by the Belgian businessman Roland Duchatelet, whose recent utterances include the proposal of selling the club to the EFL, suggesting someone bordering on the deluded.'

'Again, fans have rallied to the club's aid, and if some of their more extreme tactics have cost them some sympathy, at least Charlton devotees have acted while the EFL hesitates.'

The article is headed 'Fans need help to fight bad owners', although it is a bit short of concrete suggestions on how the football authorities might get involved. However, there are no simple solutions, as I argue in the last of my series on barking owners in this Saturday's Voice of the Valley.

CARD have called on fans not to buy season tickets, describing the club as being in 'chaos': CARD appeal

The EFL will discuss Duchatelet's demand that they should buy the club at their board meeting today.

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  1. The CARD statement seems to be a well reasoned and restrained approach after all the official and unofficial protests. I fail to see how those two respondents can be at such odds with it. Mind you, with everything that's being said and done about Charlton recently it's rivalling Brexit for the number and diversity of points of view and half baked ideas! I'll always be a Charlton supporter, but I fear for the club's future as long as RD remains involved. I'm expecting 'activists' to take the oportunity provided by the televising of the Pompey match to make some kind of protest...