Saturday 2 March 2019

'Snake oil salesman' criticised

Oliver Kay, the chief football correspondent of The Times gives it large to Roland Duchatelet in his column this morning. Kay writes, 'In five years as owner of Charlton Athletic. Roland Duchatelet has shown no understanding of the football industry, no empathy with supporters, and no sign of learning from his countless grave mistakes. Now he has issued a "demand" that the EFL buy the club from him.'

'There really should be some mechanism for the FA or an independent arbitrator to intervene in cases such as Charlton's or Coventry City - but for the good of the club, not for the sake of some snake-oil salesman who, having fancied their chances of making a fast buck, has been left with a distressed asset on their hands. EFL regulations do not allow them to interfere in the running of clubs, which they rightly point out would create conflicts of interest. The great pity is that they cannot stop people such as Duchatelet getting involved in the first place.'

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