Sunday 31 March 2019

I couldn't make it up

In previous years I have had an April Fool's spoof. Rebranding consultants were brought in and it was decided to rename the club 'Estuary'. A plan was launched to have a branch of the Jubilee Line from North Greenwich to The Valley.

The East Stand was renamed the Anne Boleyn Stand to attract dissatisfied West Ham customers and was inaugurated by a tableau in which Jonathan Acworth played the King of the Belgians. A statute based on the Mannkin Pis statute in Brussels was to be erected to Roland, the innovation being that it would urinate vinegar.

However, reality is now bizarre than fantasy. How could I come up with a story to trump Roland demanding that the EFL buy the club? Katrien becoming the manager of the Charlton branch of Sofology could not match it.

I think the best of the old ones was renaming the club Estuary to show it was not 'stuck in the mud': Brandovators

This link recalls a successful spoof by the club in 2002 which took in a number of fans: New club crest

Another successful spoof by the club was a report that Millwall were to ground share at The Valley and some of the seats would be painted blue to make them feel at home.

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