Friday 19 August 2022

Rak-Sakyi will stay the season

Ben Garner is confident that Rak-Sakyi will stay with Charlton for the season (although it does imply there is a January break clause):

Miles Leaburn admits that it was his ambition to score at the Covered End just like his dad:

After Tuesday's 5-1 win, I thought that the pessimists would find it difficult to construct a coherent critical narrative, but they were out in force on social media on Wednesday, albeit not very coherently.

Cambridge's 4-1 defeat at Portsmouth on Tuesday suggests defensive weaknesses, but every team in the division is here on merit and we need to work for a win.   The CAS Trust preview is here:


  1. As the season got underway there was not a lot of hope for success. Particularly with the failure, so far, to sign a new striker.
    Tuesday, Plymouth were outplayed at The Valley and the scoreline has now produced a promotion euphoria.

    A repeat performance against Cambridge would be very welcome. But I've watched Charlton long enough to know it's far from guaranteed. Failure to win today and the celebrants will revert to moaners.

    Personally I'll sit back and watch and wait to see how things look after ten games.

  2. CAFC 1 Cambridge U 1 Who'd a thought it ?