Sunday 27 November 2022

Not much magic in the FA Cup

Louis Mendez discusses four takeaways from Saturday's FA Cup draw including (once again) poor defending:

He draws attention to the low attendance, but actually only three clubs had higher attendances in the FA Cup on Saturday, one being the Massives.  The media may like to talk about the magic of the FA Cup, but it has long since gone.

My fifth takeaway would be Charlton's inability to last the 100 minutes which is increasingly becoming the norm as we have seen in the World Cup.  Given the number of substitutes, there is an argument for cracking down on time wasting but it isn't doing us any favours with our thin squad.

BTW, I have been away to Edgeley Park with two teams - twice with Charlton, I particularly remember an Andy Hunt hat trick.  I also went with my non-league team Leamington which shows how Stockport's fortunes have waxed and waned.   Very convenient for the station - if there are any trains.

If any Charlton fans are excited by the presence of former Sunderland part owner Charlie Methven in the directors' box on Saturday, let me quote one Charlton fan who described him as a 'total bellend'.

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