Saturday 13 May 2023

Holden makes a good call on exit decisions

I think that Dean Holden got his cull of players and decisions on retained players just about right.  Michael Hector and Terrell Thomas deserved a place, although Aaron Henry will need to continue his development on loan:

Albie Morgan always tried his hardest, but lacks the consistent quality needed in a team hopefully aiming for promotion.  He should find his level in League Two, perhaps reunited with George Lapslie at Gillingham.

Sean Clare may count himself a little unlucky, but never made a position his own.  Again, thanks for everything.   Ryan Inniss will have time to curate his red card collection.

There are six players returning from loans and we may not want to hold on to any of them, apart possibly from Deji Elerewe, but he may have a future at Bromley.   There must be a question mark over Joe Wollacott's future.   Maynard-Brewer has his critics, but perhaps needs a more experienced keeper to challenge him.

Good riddance to Macaulay Bonne who was not the danger at Championship or League One level that the Zimbabwe press thinks, but perhaps it was a slow news day in Harare:

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