Saturday 2 March 2024

Big dilemma for Palace owner

John Textor called for the Premier League spending rules to be relaxed at the FT Business and Football summit — or ditched altogether — so that rich owners can pump their own money into clubs and cut the gap with the top teams.  He also wants a World Super League, although participants might be surprised by the facilities at Selhurst Park.

Textor’s Eagle Football Group owns Olympique Lyonnais, RWD Molenbeek, Botafogo and is the largest shareholder in Crystal Palace. Textor said spending limits stopped ambitious clubs from upgrading their squads in the transfer market and amounted to “anti-competitive behaviour”. He cited the example of Nottingham Forest’s billionaire owner Evangelos Marinakis. Forest were charged by the Premier League earlier this year for breaching spending rules.

“Has this really been a problem, that everyone is going bankrupt? The sustainability issue is a fraudulent issue. Somebody shows up and tells Marinakis, an incredible guy in terms of resources and assets . . . and says we know you have [the money], but we’re worried about you Mr Marinakis. Don’t spend it.”

He went on to say that linking spending to revenue would merely make the Premier League less and less competitive and people would lose interest.

“I’ve got to somehow find a way to put Crystal Palace against Erling Haaland [of Manchester City]”, he said. “If you get an injury you don’t get to pull a £15mn player off the bench you’ve got to take somebody from your academy because you can’t afford to have that player on your bench. That’s not sport. Is anyone really having fun with this?”

He added: “Don’t tell me if Leicester City can do it, anybody can do it. It’s broken.”

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