Sunday 3 March 2024

Isted will bounce back says defender

Moaners have found a new target in Harry Isted, but one poll I have seen suggests that there is little enthusiasm among fans for the return of Maynard-Brewer.

Defender Macaulay Gillesphey is confident that the keeper will bounce back from his error:

Nathan Jones 'hammered' Isted in the dressing room afterwards, but said he probably shouldn't have done as he is 'a really good keeper':

Anyway, we might have got all three points if we had been more ruthless in taking chances.


  1. I appear to be in a minority as I saw no reason to replace AMB. However it was done. For me Both AMB and Isted are one and the same. Capable League one keepers. If we ever manage to return to the Championship, we'll need better.

  2. That's certainly the case, indeed arguably need better next season.