Wednesday 3 April 2024

Nigels annoy Beckenham residents

 Private Eye reports that residents living alongside the Glaziers' academy training ground in Beckenham 'have been infuriated by building work and traffic chaos.'

Crystal Palace acquired a 75-year lease on the former Nat West Bank sports ground in 2018.   Although the land is protected as metropolitan open ground Palace got permission for a building housing an indoor training pitch.   Bromley council planners advised that 'community benefit' outweighed any harm to protected land.

Local residents say that the club's activities have made their lives a 'total nightmare'. The North Copers Cope Road action group 'has logged use of the site outside permitted hours, photographed frequent traffic queues, recorded an increase in traffic accidents, and noted unauthorised works taking place.'

Although the report does not state this, it is more than likely that Nigel Pooter and his mates have been turning up in the hope of spotting future talent to compensate for its relative absence in the current team.

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