Friday 1 June 2012

Egg chasers consider Valley matches

Saracens are considering holding matches at The Valley while they wait for a new ground to be completed. The idea is to tap into a new fan base in Kent: Saracens

The London Broncos experiment attracted relatively few Charlton fans, although those that did go liked the fact that you could take a drink to your seat, something you can always do at ice hockey. In the case of the latter game, the violence on the rink is offset by good rapport between opposing fans (Sheffield being a possible exception).

I'm not a great fan of egg chasing myself, ice hockey being my second sport, although the writer of Drinking During the Game is one Addick who is (and he has the misfortune to support Scotland). In my view it cuts up the pitch and you can usually still see the different lines even when they have been painted out. But this would only be for a few games.

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  1. Wynn - it's often a struggle following Scotland but it's always a privilege to know you have blue blood! I will adopt Sarries if they come to the Valley.