Wednesday 6 June 2012


Cardiff City have got one over Charlton by rebranding their kit from blue to red. That means we will have to wear a change strip when we visit the Welsh capital. Mind you, one Bluebirds fan has complained on Twitter that blue never suited him anyway!

Cardiff can now claim to be the only massive Welsh team in the Championship.

How would fans feel if Charlton turned out in blue in the interests of brand repositioning? Tom Morris reminds that a kit of white with red epaulettes was very unpopular when it was used for two years in the 1960s, especially when the team ran out to Old Father Thames!

My colleague Sue Bridgewater argues here that changing football brands is particularly challenging: Brands

Andrews Air Condtioning are the new shirt sponsors at the club. Quite a lot to get on the shirt, but they have a major presence in Charlton and previous links with the club. Fans will have the chance to win a portable air conditioning kit for their home. We just need some summer weather to go with it.

It is believed that the sum involved is in the 'mid six figures'. As one well-known fan commented, 'It's not all that sexy, but then Charlton is not all that sexy.

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