Saturday 30 June 2012

Why I turned down Charlton

Former Northampton midfielder Michael Jacobs explains why he chose Derby County over Charlton after both clubs had talked to him alongside Peterborough: Jacobs

He explained, 'The managers are a big factor and all three of them are top managers at what are progressive clubs. I went and spoke to them all and it was a very difficult decision at that point.'

'Before going to look around, I was undecided but I went to Derby first and their facilities, their ground and their set-up took my breath away. It’s a Premier League set-up and they could easily be playing at that level and they’re bringing a lot of young lads through. Charlton had a good set-up too but it didn’t top Derby and I had my heart set on them as soon as I looked around there.

His decision certainly had nothing to do with rumours circulating about fallings out and consequent financial difficulties at The Valley which I have been unable to verify with any reliable source.

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