Friday 1 June 2012

The Orange One Is Back

There's a two page interview with Simon Jordan in The Times this morning plugging a book he has written about his time in charge at P****e. Apparently he's fallen on hard times, having his homes and cars repossessed, and the book is part of the way back, although very few authors earn decent royalties from books, even more so with the arrival of the e-book.

The interview is full of asterisks and it's not just the 'P' word. He slags off a number of former players, but manages to get through the interview without mentioning Charlton, although a 6-0 loss at Millwall is referred to. Of the book, Jordan concludes with the following charming message: 'If people don't like it, f*** 'em.

Elsewhere, Leeds United are bidding for massive status with an American takeover in the offing. However, whether England's 'Mr Football', Ken Bates, will be willing to sell at a realistic price remains to be seen. Leeds fans take the view that the Whites have been 'languishing' in the Championship for too long.

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