Monday 13 March 2017

Club not for sale 'at present time'

A statement from Charlton Athletic has said that 'at the present time the club is not for sale'. 'At the present time' is an important qualification, as the club could be for sale tomorrow or next week: Not for sale

In an interview with BBC Radio London, Richard Cawley of the SLP said that he had thought there had been a softening of stance by Roland Duchatelet. Previously the sale price had been £50m. Although he was not ready to drop to a specific figure, he was prepared to listen and those interested needed to make an offer. It did not mean that something was going to happen imminently.

Cawley thought that a combination of factors had affected Roland's thinking. He had hoped that appointing a British manager and players would allow the club to challenge this season, but that had not happened. Falling attendances at The Valley were having an impact, as had the demonstrations on his doorstep in Belgium.

Apparently Katrien Meire is attending a hen party in Portugal.

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