Wednesday 22 March 2017

The end of days for the regime

Despite denials by the club, VOTV editor Rick Everitt is convinced that Charlton Athletic is being sold. It is a complicated process which will take some time, for example because of outstanding loans to six former directors. But it is now the end of days for the Duchatelet regime: Exit Duchatelet

The question now is, to whom is the club being sold? If the Rickster has any idea, he isn't letting on. I certainly don't know. Whilst we all be glad to see the back of Roland, a note of caution is necessary about any new owners, even though they can hardly be any worse.


  1. The club is on a downwards spiral which can only be broken by a major change of circumstances and management. Change of ownership is the least that is needed to reverse the decline, and , for me a change of ownership would mean that I could start attending game again after a boycott of 2 years.

    However, much as I would welcome an end to the regime, I'm worried about who might want to take on a club with such poor finances. There are plenty of recent examples of clubs bought up by owners at least as bad as Roland; Leyton Orient is the most recent and shocking example. So i'm hoping for a change of ownership and leadership. But if our club's downward spiral to be reversed, we need someone with exceptional vision, patience and wealth.

  2. Be careful what you wish for...