Tuesday 26 September 2017

'I'm like a broken record' admits supremo

Charlton chief Karl Robinson admitted that he was like a broken record in his post match interviews as he thumbed through the well worn pages of his Great Big Book of Excuses. Charlton should have been out of sight after the first 35 minutes and had to be better in certain situations. He was desperately trying to get miracle worker Naby Sarr on as a substitute when the second Walsall goal was scored: Keep repeating myself

Karl Robinson has also explained why more has not be seen of Joe Dodoo. He points out, reasonably enough, substitutes have to make an impact. Reading between the lines what he is really saying is that Dodoo is not good enough: Limited playing time

There were no pipers playing laments when he left Glasgow and that should have told us something. The fact is that he was a last minute stopgap after we had been unable to sign a quality striker because the funds weren't there.

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