Saturday 30 September 2017

Searching for Roland

I was in Brussels from Thursday to Saturday. At one time I always seemed to be back and forth on Eurostar going to tiresome meetings in windowless rooms in Commission offices. I never thought I would be back in a work capacity again, but we live in interesting times.

Work tasks completed, I thought I would make a few enquiries about Roland, but the general response I got was 'Roland Who?' He had a higher profile in the Belgian capital when he had his own political party and was running in parallel with the then Commission agenda to use football as an integrating force.

However, then I hit pay dirt. I was having coffee with a lobbyist and it transpired that his father was a Charlton supporter and he had been to some games at The Valley himself, although he now supports Spurs. He is going to make some enquiries among Belgian contacts.

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