Saturday 14 October 2017

Charlton up to 5th

Charlton moved up to fifth in League One after a 1-0 victory over Doncaster Rovers at The Valley. Leading scorer Fosu scored the winning goal in the ninth minute. His strike from the penalty area caught out the Doncaster keeper at his near post.

Josh Magennis has been to see concussed referee Rob Lewis who is ok. The referee was brought down by the striker at the start of the second half. This led to a seven minute delay. He is mobile, but feeling a bit sick.

Louis Mendez has tweeted, 'My nerves are shredded even though we defended fairly comfortably.' However, the Addicks survived some last minute pressure. The visitors had 59 per cent of the possession but only three shots on target compared with seven from Charlton. An effort from Clarke came off the bar in the second half and both Kashi and Magennis threatened.

Karl Robinson has played down the significance of the injury picked up by Mark Marshall in training, saying that he does not regard it as too serious.

Grinding out results can be an important part of a successful season.


  1. 5th lol anyway what a dimwit ref well done josh for smacking him one

  2. Well sort of recovered had a nice chat with karl before the game near the tunnell area i said a decent player worth keeping tabs on is john mills at hereford in fine form at least get him on trial see what he can do karl said thanks i keep him in mind lol so i probably saved the club a small fortune in the market looking for a striker.Other 2 strikers non league worth keeping tabs on in fine form are Fundop Guiesly and Barham at Greenwich scored his second hat trick at the weekend we could snap up all 3 strikers for under 500k deffo worth pusuing lines of inquiry on these players.
    The game started well all i can say is that hopeless ref robert lewis ruined such a good game,he ignored a blatant penalty right in front of the donny fans how is this ref a prem referee god only knows i also read on facebook our friend friend also had another stinker at the weekend sending a couple players off suprise suprise i would like the fa come down hard on poor refs something has got to be done kick them out of the game.
    Back to the team i thourght solly his legs have deffo gone and should only be on the bench,konsa and bauer played superb at the back and holmes did not stop running at one stage in the first half he tore into our defence i heard one say fuck off back lol.What worries me is that to many players seem to be ball watching and not tackling especially in midfield we need a lee bowyer type player whos not affraid to put a tackle in this must be priority in jan