Thursday 19 October 2017

Why getting back to the Championship is so important

An excellent piece of in depth analysis by Wigan fan Richard Pike shows why it is so important for Charlton to get back into the Championship, but also draws attention to some of the special challenges facing smaller London clubs: New financial realities

He points out that the Championship is increasingly becoming like a Premier League Division Two, fulfilling a prediction made by Richard Murray a long time ago. He argues that a growing gap is emerging between the Championship and Leagues One and Two.

Ten year income projections suggest that by 2027 each Championship club will receive an average of £13m each season from solidarity payments and the television deal, an increase of £6m on the current figure. League One clubs will see their income from these sources go by only £0.25m from £2m.

One general argument he makes is that city clubs have an advantage over town clubs with an increasing presence in the Championship. However, this does not necessarily work in a huge city like London. A club like Brentford has to compete with historically larger neighbouring clubs such as Chelsea, Fulham and QPR.

However, he does admit that it is easier to get sponsorship in London. The competition that Charlton faces is rather different from Brentford and, properly run, it has a large potential fan base in Kent. Millwall appeals to a particular type of clientele, while the less said about the Nigels the better.

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